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Best Dragon Tiger Odds Online

Players new to betting must take time to learn how it works. This helps them to understand the probability of winning. Although initially, it may appear to be confusing, with time, it becomes easier.

Fortunately, Dragon Tiger is one of the most accessible casino games; thus, understanding the rules and tricks of the game for beginners is easy. First, the player must understand the King is the highest card in the game, with Ace being the lowest. Betting gives one the ability to predict the outcome of an event; if the player’s prediction is correct, then they’ll win money. Therefore an understanding of Dragon Tiger odds is vital for winning.

Calculating Probability Using Betting Odds

Fractional odds are a set of two digits/numbers that are separated by the use of a trailing slash, i.e., 20/1. Players can use these odds to calculate the likelihood of winning in Dragon Tiger. For example, 4/1 means there’s a 25% chance of winning, 1/1 refers to a 50% chance of winning, and 1/4 reflects an 80% chance of winning, etc.

Given a fraction, a player can predict the probability of winning in any casino game, including Dragon Tiger. Hand bet is the most straightforward bet in Dragon Tiger, whereby the player draws either the Dragon or Tiger. The house edge for this bet is 3.73%,

Tie Bets

Tie bets can result in the player making big wins, but unfortunately, the chances of winning are slim. Of the 86,320 possible outcomes, only 6,488 can be ties; this means 79,872 outcomes will end up in a loss. The house edge of tie bets is 32.77%.

This makes ties bets one of the hardest for players to crack a win. The suit tie bet presents a worse outcome, whereby only 1,456 bets can result in a tie. Players should avoid tie bets since the chances of winning are minimal. Tie bets pay 8/1 with the main agenda being to allow players to make big bucks.

Suit Bets

In Dragon Tiger, players can bet on a specific suit that is drawn, and in such cases, if the suit is correct, the wager pays 3/1. The player loses if the suit they’ve selected doesn’t appear. A suited tie bet is also possible paying out at 50/1.

In suit bets, four possible card suits are available, hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. Thus the player needs to monitor the suits that have been drawn versus what remains in the deck to make better predictions and win the game. Side bets allow the player to win higher amounts in Dragon Tiger.

Small and Big Bets

Small bets refer to betting on cards with a value of less than 7. They include Ace, 2,3,4,5, and 6, while big bets are for cards with values more than seven such as 8, 9, 10, J, Q and K. In the case of Dragon Tiger, the player must have a card lower than seven to win the bet.

However, if the card drawn is 7, they’ll lose the bet. On the other hand, for big bets in Dragon Tiger, the player must have a card higher than 7; if the drawn card is seven, they lose the bet. The player must make the correct prediction to win the game.

Dragon Tiger

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