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Official Dragon Tiger Rules

Smart gamblers realize that following the basic rules of a game is the key to winning bets. Before playing the Dragon Tiger game, understand the basic rules. Players must know how to play this game if they have any chance of winning a bet.

The great thing to discover about the Dragon Tiger game is how it attracts the Asian gamblers. Many people in the Asian continent can play this game on land-based casinos. It is a game that is gaining popularity in Asia and around the globe. Read the information in this guide and learn how to play the Dragon Tiger and its basic rules.

A Tutorial for Live Dragon Tiger

Players around the world enjoy playing this game on online casinos. But they require stable internet to play this thrilling Dragon and Tiger game. One of the basic rules that players need to realize is that this game is played with standard sundecks of cards. In a shoe, there are between 6 to 8 decks that gamblers can use to play.

People who have played at Dragon Tiger know that this game is similar to baccarat. Gamblers can choose which hand will get the highest number of cards. A single card gets dealt with by the Tiger as well as the Dragon. So, no additional card can be drawn.

Rules of Dragon Tiger

Players who want to play Dragon Tiger game need only to follow simple rules. This game is exciting to play when a gambler understands the basic rules. It is one of those most accessible games that players can find on online casinos. Within a couple of minutes, players can master the basics of this game.

Just as the concept of roulette is simple, the basics of Dragon Tiger are. So, players who want to play this game can understand these rules within a short duration. Players can bet on a number, and if it comes out, one wins. But when they add inside bets, baskets, and corners, the bet becomes complex.

No Confusing Side Bets: Dragon Tiger Rules Are Simple

In this game, individuals will realize that there are two tokens or cards on the table. That includes the Tiger and the Dragon. It can be a substitute for a player or a dealer, depending on how you take cards. All those players have to do to win is choosing who will receive the highest card from a dealer. The Tiger or the Dragon!

When playing this game, it is essential to understand the basic rules. Individuals can win big prizes if they follow the basics while betting on the Dragon and Tiger game.

Betting Options

Gamblers who play this game on land-based and online casinos have a variety of options to choose from. They can select betting options on Dragon and Tiger that are seven to eight options. The main betting options are Tiger and Dragon. A player can also bet on Ace to 7 (small) or 8 to the king (big) for either Tiger or Dragon. When an outcome is a 7, all the small and big bets lose.

Online casino game players need to learn about the basic rules of the Dragon and Tiger game. It is a thrilling game that they can bet on while relaxing at home.

Dragon Tiger

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