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How To Play Dragon Tiger

An understanding of dragon tiger is necessary before embarking on it. Here are the components of Dragon Tiger:

Dragon- This is one of the players in the game. Any player can assume this name, which is a legendary folk story character.

Tiger - This is the opponent player. Tiger is a ferocious carnivore, in Asian countries. Any player can also assume this role.

Live dealer- This is a staff of a casino who assumes the role of distributing the cards. The live dealer is responsible for ensuring fair play and adherence to rules

Card deck- Consists of 52 cards ranging from ace to king.

Dragon Tiger rules and definitions

The initial move involves the dealer displaying two cards up from where the direction of play is set. Players can also place a bet on the highest card value.

  • The standard number of cards per shuffle must be set at the onset-- some casinos have their own standard but most prefer 8.
  • Players place bets after which the dealer distributes the cards. Depending on the bet placed, there will be a variety of possible outcomes. They include:
  • Tie bet
  • Dragon or Tiger
  • Suited tie
  • Big or small

A player's winnings are determined by the choice made for either of the above outcomes and the corresponding odds.

Dragon Tiger odds and hints

Dragon Tiger odds are preset based on the type of outcome. Here is a look at them and how to maximize gains in each sub-item:

  • Tie bet is set on 11:1, which means a correct prediction earns that payout.
  • Suited tie bet is set at 50:1, this is a massive payout. Players should use the elimination method to correctly predict it.
  • Dragon and Tiger bet- The player who correctly predicts either dragon or tiger gets a payout of 3:1. Card 7 being an outlier is not included here.

The above are basic pointer odds that online casinos use, some have small tweaks to these odds.

Dragon Tiger winning strategies

Despite it being a game, winning makes the entertainment or the moments worth cherishing. What strategies can a player employ to increase their chances? Here's a look at a few;

  • Combining big/small with dragon or tiger- This method helps boost the chances of a higher payout.
  • Keeping tabs of cards already played- This helps anticipate the likely cards left on the deck and whether the expected card can harm you.
  • Avoiding specific bets- some bets have a low likelihood of occurrence, bets like tie bet should be avoided. This kind of knowledge and strategy accumulates as players get more experience in the game.

Platforms for playing the Dragon Tiger game

Many cities around the world offer different games in casinos including Dragon Tiger. In Asia, this game is found in most casinos around various cities. The best way to fully enjoy this game is to give it a try in the physically located casinos then venture to other options. This way, the first-hand experience boosts the knowledge.

The other option is using online resources like downloadable applications, using web browsers, and following links. The advantage of online options is the mobility of the game. Whether in an airplane, away from physical casinos, these online platforms offer limitless possibilities.

Online platforms also have communities that boost the fun experience.

Dragon Tiger

Basic strategy

Dragon Tiger is a casino game with an Asian origin, more specifically, Cambodia. In the modern-day, players can access this game from any part of the globe. The game is easy to play even for beginners. It's also fast-paced, with each round lasting for about 25 seconds and the betting 15 seconds.

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Players new to betting must take time to learn how it works. This helps them to understand the probability of winning. Although initially, it may appear to be confusing, with time, it becomes easier.

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How to win

Developed in Cambodia, Dragon Tiger is a popular game in Asian countries, as well as other places around the world. To play it, players put two cards with the Tiger and the Dragon on the Spot. Whether a player is seasoned or is a beginner, the game is very easy to play. However, some players have had issues when playing it. This is a game that a player gets it right away, or not. Nevertheless, there are a few crucial tips that a play ought to learn if he/she wants to win simply and easily. The following is a breakdown of some of the tips.

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Smart gamblers realize that following the basic rules of a game is the key to winning bets. Before playing the Dragon Tiger game, understand the basic rules. Players must know how to play this game if they have any chance of winning a bet.

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Once play begins, each player must select a denomination. These are either 1,2,5,10,20,25,50 and 100 chips. With the chips in hand a player must now select a bet either:

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