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Official Dragon Tiger Rules

Once play begins, each player must select a denomination. These are either 1,2,5,10,20,25,50 and 100 chips. With the chips in hand a player must now select a bet either:

  • Dragon or Tiger- This bet is executed by expressly selecting a player likely to have the high-value card-- the dragon or the tiger.
  • Tie- The stake predicts that neither the player will draw a higher value card and attracts an odd of 8:1
  • Big or Small- This bet specifies the number with a range specified, however number 7 is automatically excluded meaning a loss.
  • Suits- The player selects the likely combination of cards to be drawn.

2 Strategies to Improve a Bet Chance

Dragon Tiger bets require a level of calculation and anticipation. For players to anticipate the Dragon or Tiger holding the high-value card or the most probable suit, they must keep their eye on the game.

  • Card counting- With no jokers and wild cards, a smart player should keep track of already dropped cards to help anticipate the best move.
  • Tracking Suits already dropped- This works in a suit bet where a player keen on placing a suit must observe suits already dropped using the elimination method.
  • Sticking to a specific player, this requires a level of consistency. This strategy is low risk but great as well.

An Explanation of a Suits Bet

For a better understanding of the game around suits, getting to know the terms is crucial

  • Suits- This involves the prediction of either spades, diamonds, clubs, or hearts. This bet has an odd of 3:1 and requires a correct prediction three sets of suits with an exclusion of 7.
  • Suited tie bet- The forecast here is that the players will have cards equal in range and combination. Should this happen, the player's stake is returned, and a payout of 50:1 is effected.
  • Club suit- This has an odd of 3:1, and a player must place a bet on either the dragon or tiger for a club suit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dragon and Tiger Bets

  • Which bet can pay the highest? The dragon and tiger bet is excellent because a win attracts a return of 8:1 with a tie getting a refund.
  • What is Dragon and Tiger? It a baccarat game highly popular in Asia where each player receives a set of cards, and a bet is placed on the player to receive the highest value card.
  • Where can I play Dragon and Tiger?

Finding a great casino does not to be a hard task, a simple search online can assist. Social media sites can also offer great recommendations that can ease the process.

Big or Small Bet in Perspective

The cards available in dragon and tiger bets range from the Ace, numerical from 2 through to 10, then Jack King and Queen. Big and small bet, therefore, involves a player exclusively predicting that Dragon or Tiger will choose a small, which can be Ace, 2,3,4,5, and 6. It could also mean the outcome being from numerics 8 through to Queen.

  • How payouts are effected

The stake placed, say 20 units, is paid if correctly predicted and original stake refunded. A player is also allowed to combine Tiger with small or big with Dragon as well.

Dragon Tiger

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