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Maximise Your Dragon Tiger Winnings

Developed in Cambodia, Dragon Tiger is a popular game in Asian countries, as well as other places around the world. To play it, players put two cards with the Tiger and the Dragon on the Spot. Whether a player is seasoned or is a beginner, the game is very easy to play. However, some players have had issues when playing it. This is a game that a player gets it right away, or not. Nevertheless, there are a few crucial tips that a play ought to learn if he/she wants to win simply and easily. The following is a breakdown of some of the tips.

Bet Tiger or Dragon

A player should stick to either a Dragon or Tiger as it’s the best option if they do not want to rely on card counting or strategy. A player should always aim at placing a bet on the Dragon or the Tiger that he/she sees that has the highest rank. On most occasions, a player gets more winnings because the house edge of such bets is 3%. However, there are instances when the Dragon and the Tiger become equal in rank, regardless of the suit, making it a tie. In such a case, he gets back half of his Main Bet, and the Tie wins a payout of 11:1.

The Card Counting Strategy

The game of Dragon Tiger uses few cards, making card counting strategy easy for players. For a player that wants to count cards, this tactic comes in handy when trying to avoid unlucky drawing. This game utilizes few cards, making it easier for a player to keep track of the number of large or small cards already dealt. It’s thus easier to keep track of the number of sevens dealt. This is because drawing seven results in a player losing the bet. Therefore, if a player tracks and avoids these unlucky sevens, then he/she may increase his/her chances of winning a bet.

The Suit-Based Strategy

Another tip that can help a player win in a game of Dragon and Tiger is to spot the number of suits dealt with the most. A player can estimate the number of suit cards in play. He or she can use the number of decks for this strategy. This approach allows a player to determine the kind of suits most placed, allowing him or her to bet on the least played card suit. In the event of a correct bet, the suit-based strategy awards the player a 3:1 payout. It’s thus critical for a player to enter a Dragon or a Tiger stipulating the kind of suit that card is.

Avoid the Tie Bet and the Suited Tie Bet

Players that place a tie bet stand a chance of making big winnings, although the probability of winning is slim. There are instances when players refrain from betting since the house edge on the tie is 32%. There are 86,320 possible card combinations, with only 6,488 of them as ties. It means that 79,872 bet combinations can end up as losses. These odds certainly make it one of the hardest bets for players to win. Still, the suit tie bet results in a worse outcome as 1,456 bets culminate in a tie. Therefore, a player should avoid these odds, unless he/she solely count on luck.

Dragon Tiger

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